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Email hosting is one of the most basic features of the internet world, and we’re happy to help you get your email figured out for your entire organization! For a low price each month your entire copmany can have an inbox for each of your employees to communicate from your brand name. Nothing says professional more than

Do you need to have a bunch of easy to find names for your organization but you don’t want to have to monitor a bunch of inboxes? We can do that too. Come up with as many names as you’d like and we can direct them to one inbox for you to master, only pay a setup fee for each account.

Accounts start with 2GB of storage that can be easily expanded and all can be monitored through any client, or through a gmail account. We recommend a client called MailBird, it’s very cost effective, and effective in general, put together by a great team. We’ll talk more on that soon. For now, is there any way we can make your email services easier for you? 

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