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Do you like some of our designs and want to take them with you, or you want to support your favorite web experts? Click the link below to browse the items you can get our designs printed on and parade them around! Your support is greatly appreciated.


Our Latest News

SITE LAUNCH: Little Big Pups – Michigan’s Puppy Assistant https://www.bwstandard.net/site-launch-little-big-pups-michigans-puppy-assistant

Looking for a new #bestfriend during this uncertain time to help get through? Little Big Pups just published a site.

#WordPress #SmallBusiness #sitelaunch

SITE LAUNCH: Michigan Condo Pros – Condo Sales and Advertisememts https://www.bwstandard.net/site-launch-michigan-condo-pros-condo-sales-and-advertisememts

#condosales are the main focus of this site, if you're in the WestMI area and looking for a new pad, this is the place for you.
#WordPress #SmallBusiness

SITE LAUNCH: CTRAPay – Association Payment Processor & Data Analyzer https://www.bwstandard.net/19566-2

Catching up on projects that we've launched. CTRAPay is our #paymentprocessor for a local association. Make collecting money easy for your org

#wordpress #SmallBusiness

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Our latest web design project for Little Big Pups is now live! Little Big Pups hopes to be the Midwest's choice partner in adopting puppies online from local, certified breeders.
🐶 https://dogearmarketing.com/little-big-pups-michigan-web-design🐶

It's been a minute, but I'm excited for this one! Just finished up a logo refresh and brand book for the Michigan Department of State + Secretary of State. Can't wait to drive around Michigan and see it in use!


#branding #Michigan #markyourplace

We created a brand for a corporate pilot with a strong teaching background. Aviation Prep was founded this year to create online courses to teach pilots at charter aircraft companies. #markyourplace

#logodesign #branding #aviation #logo

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