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Some of our clients good words

Amazing Results

“Is there a way to legally tip you? Because this is so phenomenal. All that you’re doing is mind blowing to me. And I know you’re spending a ton of time and energy on this.”

Michael Smith | Founder Six1Xis Genetics

Capture the Vision

West MI has done several designs for me, and every single one has been amazing. They’re absolutely dedicated to making sure the vision of a project is captured- but still manage to add a creative spin that unartistic people like myself would never have thought of.

Katy Buchinger

West Michigan Web Design is a Grand Rapids duo with complimentary skills of front-end and back-end to offer you the best web development experience you can imagine.

Katelyn Berkshire heads Dog Ear Marketing LLC, the guts and creativity behind our awesome designs. 

The Black & White Standard LLC, a company with Randy Gallagher at the helm, is further behind the scenes with performance and structure. Connecting things is the name of the game here and no better person to do it than Randy with over 20 years website experience and a love to build. 

Separate, we both have some amazing talents to help your cause do well. Together, our skills will make your cause THRIVE.



Meet The Experts

Katelyn Berkshire

Design and Marketing

Katelyn lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her wife, two dogs, cats and lizards. She’s dedicated to design and telling client’s stories through branding and marketing. She’s presently remembering how awkward it is to talk in the third-person.

Randy gallagher

Performance and Tooling

Randy, also from the Grand Rapids area, has a love to build and make things fast. Your problem is his daily puzzle to enjoy finding reliable and speedy solution for. Making life easy is his specialty with automations and intetgrations. Work Smart, Not Hard.

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Enjoy The Difference

Design & Deployment

  • Crisp Layouts
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Personalized Colors & Logo
  • Audience Captivating Copy
  • Custom Domain Hosting


  • Speed Up New & Current Sites
  • Plugin Configurations
  • Dashboard Cleanups
  • Maintenance Automation
  • Health Monitoring

More Services

  • Email Hosting
  • Marketing Materials
  • Consultations
  • Graphic Design
  • Company Based Tools


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Based in Grand Rapids, MI

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Monday - Friday: 9am – 5pm
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